Delweddau | Images

Sunset Above Eglwys Dewi Sant

Views of sunset above Eglwys Dewi Sant (St. David’s Church) – a spectacular view to the west – just as Heledd might have seen beyond the Gurnos.

The sunsets (machlud haul) over this part of Cymru are sometimes breathtaking. Sunset Above Eglwys Dewi Sant2Below the church in these photos is a graveyard (mynwent) dating back to only the 1800s but the number of children’s graves is a sharp reminder of the hardships that confronted families in the not too distant past.

Abaty Tintern / Tintern Abbey ::: This photo is of the Cistertian abbey on the border between Lloegr (England) and Cymru. The abbey is hidden away in the lush Gwy (Wye) river valley – one of the most beautiful regions of Cymru. These ruins, like Tintern Abbey Ruinsthose of Strata Florida in Ceredigion, are among the hundreds of places in this country that must be see to grasp the full impact of their emotive power.


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  1. These are simply beautiful, Lily!


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