About Lily & Her Books

LD4CHRWcLily Dewaruile is an American-born writer who lived in Cymru from 1980-2011. Her writing includes novels set in the 10th Century, during the reign of Hywel Dda (Traitor’s Daughter) and a family saga series set in the 9th Century at the end of Rhodri Mawr’s life. The five books of this series, Invasion, Salvation, Betrayal, Revival and Reconciliation are available at all major online retailers. Invasion, Salvation, Betrayal & Revival in the Pendyffryn: The Conquerors series and Traitor’s Daughter are also in print editions.

Lily speaks Cymraeg as a second language. Her passion for Cymru stems from her deep admiration for the strength and determination of the Cymry to withstand the relentless onslaught of the Anglo-Saxon hordes through more than 1400 years and remain distinct in language and culture from all other countries of Prydain.

Tintern Abbey RuinsLily Dewaruile: Medieval Welsh Romance

You can read the first review of Traitor’s Daughter at goodreads.com. Below are a few comments Lily has received from readers:

“I like the premise of the story and the setting a lot. It’s not an era that’s been done a lot, so that’s a good thing. I like how manipulative Alys is.… And now you have left me hanging, you temptress!”—Lizzie W.
“Well researched and written. …I loved your characters.”—Judy C.
“I enjoyed reading this awesome book.”—Denise P.

“I loved Garmon. I think about Heledd and Garmon all the time.”—Celeste A.

“…I thought this book was awesome. The story has depth and I liked being swept back in time. The plot is great. …I find myself thinking about this story days later.”—Tifferz Book Reviews, May 2012

You can also purchase a copy or download a sample here.


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  1. Fascinating information, Lily. I’ve missed some of your blog appearances, which I’m sorry for. Good luck with the new release!


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