On This Tragic Day

Two devastating events occurred on the 21st of October in the 1960s in Cymru:

1965: The Tryweryn Reservoir, which was built to hold water for the needs of Liverpool, England, was officially opened. tryweryn3This reservoir is held in the highest contempt in Cymru because it required the destruction of the entire village of Tryweryn, a small community in the north.

People were driven from their homes, relocated by the English government, in villages and areas that were distant from tryweryn2their family and friends.

tryweryn1Today, there is still protest graffiti along the highway between Aberystwyth and Caerfyrddin. The village was drowned, lives scattered and some destroyed.



1966: One year following the destruction of a Welsh village, another village suffered one of the tragic events of the 20th Century. When the colliery tip collapsed on the Pantglas Junior School in Aberfan, 116 children and 28 adults were killed. These images are all available on the Internet (Images of Aberfan Disaster)  from media archives such as the BBC, The Sun, Nuff.ox.ac.uk, South Wales Evening Post. I remember this as one of the pivotal events of my childhood. aberfan3



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