Today in Welsh History: August 30th

tyddewi1In 1536, the Grey Friars of Caerfyrddin (Carmarthen) surrendered during the dissolution of the monasteries. The Grey Friars were Franciscans, holding to the teachings and spiritual beliefs of St. Francis of Assisi, and of his associates and many followers, such as St. Clare of Assisi (after whom the town, Sanclêr [St. Clears] to the west of Caerfyrddin is named), St. Anthony of Padua, and St. Elizabeth of Hungary, among many others. “Franciscan” is usually applied to members who also adhere to the Roman Catholic Church.

tintern2bHowever, other denominations also have members who describe themselves as Franciscans. They include Old Catholic, Anglican, and Lutheran. Franciscans in Poland and Lithuania are known as Bernardines, after Bernardino of Siena. Grey Friars is now at the center of the Caerfyrddin’s shopping district which occupies the grounds of the ancient priory. The Franciscan order is also unique in its co-educational practice, following the established practice of religious orders in Cymru (Wales) from the early Middle Ages.

In 1937, from the sublime to the New York world of boxing, Welshman, Tommy Farr, of Tonypandy, lost by a narrow margin to Joe Louis, for the World Heavyweight Title.

And in 1940, eight Welsh citizens were killed in Gresford, near the north Wales town of Wrexham (famous for its football team) during a German air raid. On the next day, ten people died in bombing raids on Rhos and Penycae, also in Clwyd. Later in the war, Abertawe (Swansea) was nearly leveled by German bombing raids, much of the city’s ancient medieval architecture was destroyed, leaving only the remnants of the Norman castle wall in the city centre.


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