Invasion at iBookstore

Invasion: Book 1, Pendyffryn: The ConquerorsInvasion, Book 1, is now at the iBookstore.

This is the first book in this family saga which begins in the last years of the life and reign of Rhodri Mawr, 876AD.

Gwennan Pendyffryn, the only child of an aging chieftain, assumes command of the garrison at the gaer, a small fortified village at the opening of this mountain valley. Her first thought is to accept the garrison commander as her husband, but as her father has said, he has only one redeeming quality: a quality that his other qualities do not encourage her to discover.

Assuming command by stealth comes naturally to Gwennan. Keeping her land free of the foreign invader when she fails to kill him becomes a deadly pursuit when her real intent becomes known.


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Filed under Hanes Cymru/Welsh History, Rhamant/Romance, Y Cymry/Welsh People

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