Turbulent Times, Violent Men

Invasion: Book 1, Pendyffryn: The Conquerors“You will know the man…”

One woman stands against the INVASION of her home. One man holds her life in his hands. And… “he was not a man who needed a lot of women. He was a man who needed a lot of one woman. This woman.”

I am proud to announce the first book of the Pendyffryn: The Conquerors series will be published in a few days’ time. Invasion has undergone a few transformations since I began work on the romance, a few years after my first encounter with Cymru (Wales). I so fell in love with the country that I began to write before I knew much of the history between the Cymry and the Saeson.

Invasion is a work of the imagination, in spirit with the forces and passions that existed in the early years of co-existence between the invaders and the Celtic people who had made Briton their home.

Many thanks to Hot Damn Designs for their stunning work on the covers of the first three books in this five-book series.

Invasion: November 2013
Salvation: January 2013
Betrayal: February 2013



Filed under Cyfraith/Celtic Law, Cymraeg/Welsh Language, Cymreig/Welsh, Cymru/Wales, Hanes Cymru/Welsh History, Rhamant/Romance, Y Cymry/Welsh People

2 responses to “Turbulent Times, Violent Men

  1. This book looks fascinating, Lily. I can’t wait to get hold of it. Will you be putting it out in Nook format? (I’m praying the answer is yes!)


    • Yes, of course, Cate! Invasion will be available in all the ebook formats. B&N will be one of the first places the novel will be available. I’m very excited about this book’s publication too. Invasion has been a long time in the making. Thank you so much/Diolch yn fawr for your interest.


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