The Welsh St. Patrick … and Rugby!

Close to St. Patrick’s Day and having just celebrated St. David’s Day with a huge rugby win for Cymru, here is a link to my post about the Welsh Heritage of St. Patrick.

I will be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day at an Irish pub, with friends, watching: First, the Wales v. France Rugby Match – if Wales wins it’s the Grand Slam – tenth for Wales, fourth time in my Welsh lifetime! Second, the Ireland v. England Rugby match – any doubts about which team I will be supporting???My 3 sons before the Wales v USA match

With the Wales v France, I have mixed emotions. But as with the Wales v USA match when my sons were small – a win for either is a victory for me. Never the less, I want the Grand Slam!

I’m sure my French-Canadian grandfather will understand.



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3 responses to “The Welsh St. Patrick … and Rugby!

  1. Well now, I hope you really do have a great Saint Patrick’s Day tomorrow and that it will also be a great day for the Irish against England and for the Welsh against France.

    I will also be thinking of Banwen and of how Saint Patrick bagan his journey into slavery and into world history.

    And i will be thinking about the remarkable story of how that young slave for Wales became the patron saint of my homeland.

    And i will be thinking of how the enslaved peope of Ireland, maddened by tyranny, destutution and famine began to emigrate in droves taking their Welsh slave patron saint with them to the four winds.

    And will be thinking how all of hat resulted in Saint Patrick’s Day becoming the world’s best known and most widely celebrated national day – an article in the Guardian about 15 years ago said it had become, after Christmas, he world’s best known and most widely celebrated festival.

    Not a bad record for a teenage slave from Wales!


    • If I can get through the door, and following the Wales/France game, I will be watching the Ireland game with hundreds of Welsh and Irish ex-patriots and a new friend at The Chieftain in San Francisco.

      Don’t forget the other Irish contribution to world celebrations, Patrick: Hallowe’en!

      Thank you so much for your contribution to this tribute to two great Celtic nations.


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