Review: Borrowed Light

Borrowed LightThis is one of the most compelling books I have read. I had never heard of Carla Kelly until a friend gave me this book. I was reluctant at the beginning but the characters in this inspirational novel won me over, especially Mr. Otto. I don’t believe I have ever been so moved and transfixed by a fictional character who was, at the same time, so utterly human.

I found the relationship between Mr. Otto and Julia Darling touching. The subtlety with which their friendship develops, their conflicts, their generosity was moving and I will remember them for a very long time. I read the details of the amazing stove with delight.

This book is humorous, exciting, challenging, informational and, without a doubt, inspirational as well as well-written. I set aside my preconceived notions of this particular religious group and thoroughly enjoyed the book as a humane, emotionally satisfying tale of the human condition.

I believe I will read this book again and find something new from each reading. Mr. Otto’s governing principle will be mine from this moment. Borrowed Light is a compelling read, a book I can heartily recommend as an adventure/romance/inspirational/western novel.

Some may find the religious content difficult to navigate but if you can see LDS/Mormon theology in its historic context, the events and the drama of religious persecution speak to so many.


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