Saint David, Saint Teilo, Saint Padarn – 5th-6thC Welsh Saints

Saint Teilo’s Church, Pontarddulais, Cymru

This photograph is taken from the St. Fagan’s National History Museum’s website. The church was restored and opened from viewing on 14th October 2007 – just five weeks after I began work on my novel, Traitor’s Daughter. The church so inspired me that I wrote about its peace in the novel – giving it special significance to my heroine, Heledd, in her first fearful days in her new home.

For me, St. Fagan’s Welsh Folk Museum has provided the inspiration for many of my books. The museum was a haven of beauty during my first months in Cymru. Although St. Fagans was several miles from my home at the time, in Pontcanna, I walked there as often as I could to find solace when the loneliness of my distance from friends and family was overwhelming.
The buildings restored in this marvelous place have lives of their own. You can feel the hardship, elation and spirit emanating from each stone that was moved here to preserve a living architectural history of every type of building from pigsty, schoolhouse, workingmen’s club, farmhouse to castle.
My own photographs of the interior of this church can be seen here: Lily Dewaruile: Medieval Welsh Romance

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