Whether the Weather Will

Florida was hot and sticky. Pennsylvania was hot and sticky.

Cymru benefits from the Gulf Stream. Decidedly not sticky, often wet, sometimes cool, but rarely sticky.

If it is raining, we are philosophical. Cymru is green and for green you need mountains of rain. Our bottled water industry sings and dances in welcome to each drop that filters through our rocky landscape to be captured for release to those linen-draped tables in fine dining establishments from New York to Seattle.

Bless the rain. In my absense, my pomegranate did not wither or crinkle. The same level of moss makes the terraced garden treacherous. The view from my window to the east up the Tywi Valley is as lush as the soggy day I rose before dawn to abandon all, without a backward glance, for the thunder and lightning of the Susquehanna River Valley and the steamy, concrete and asphalt subtropics of the Magic Kingdom.

Cymru is wet. We will wail and moan about our weepy clime. There is no help for that. Mae’n bwrw glaw yn sobr iawn.



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2 responses to “Whether the Weather Will

  1. What a lovely image, Lily!


  2. You have probably seen the teardrop shaped blue bottles of dŵr Cymru on Kelsey Grammer’s comedy series “Fraser”. Did you know that David Hyde Pierce’s background is Welsh? One of our many water bottling companies is based in the area where Hywel Dda had his court in Arberth, about twenty miles from where I live – they are the singers and dancers in the rain. I will be writing about this important brenin Cymru soon.


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